Resume of    Superior Court Judge Arthur A.  Harrison

Elected to Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County            Nov 2000

Reelected  Mar 2005 and Mar 2012

Judicial Assignments:

Juvenile Delinquency                                                               Jan 2001 – Feb 2002

Juvenile Dependency Court                                                  Feb 2002 – Aug 2002

Small Claims/Criminal Trials                                                  Aug 2002 – Oct 2002

Criminal Trial Court San Bernardino Division             Oct 2002 – Jan 2009

Supervising Judge Criminal Courts Rancho Division   Jan 2009 – Sep 2009

Supervising Judge Fontana Division                                  Sep 2009 – 2013

Family Law Judge                                                                           2013 - Present

Additional Assignments:

Alternate Wire Tap Judge                                                            2004 – Present

Back up Habeas Writ Judge                                                        2008 – 2013

Appellate Panel Judge                                                                    Jul 2016- Jun 2017

Computer system development Family Law Core Team lead    2017- Present

Committee Assignments:

County Proposition 36 Oversight Committee                  2006 – 2009

Local bench:                      Executive Committee                      2003 – 2007

Budget Committee                                                                              2005 – 2009

Criminal Courts Committee                                                           2009 – 2011

Back up PC 987.2 Judge                                                                     2009 – 2010

Primary PC 987.2 Judge                                                                     2011 – 2012

Pre-judicial experience:

Deputy Marshal and Sergeant, San Bernardino County Marshal 1976 – 1987

Deputy District Attorney San Bernardino County     1987 – 2000

Trial Attorney, and last four and a half years supervised the Redlands Branch office, serving two courts with four DDAs.  Three years as a designated Gangs Prosecutor.

Military experience:

US Army Warrant Officer/Helicopter Pilot                       1970 -1975

Served as Troop (Air Cav Company --28 aircraft and crew), Assistant Operations Officer/ Commander’s Pilot/Operations Officer/Scout (observation aircraft), Pilot/Scout Squad Lead Pilot(six aircraft and crew) and Unit Flight Instrument instructor(sixty pilots).

Law School:

Citrus Belt School of Law, now named California Southern School of Law                1982 – 1986

Passed July Bar 1986

Named Family Law Bench Officer of the Year by East West Family Law Coalition     2016

Undergraduate Education:

American Technological University

Central Texas College

San Bernardino Valley College

Crafton Hills College


California Judges Association

Federal Aviation Administration Certified Flight Instructor for single and multi engine airplanes and instruments.  Commercial Pilot license- airplanes and helicopters and instrument flying in each.

Fish and Game rehab - taking in injured or orphaned reptiles, birds, and mammals to rehabilitate them until they can be released back into the wild (see photo of rehab of a barn owl below):

Married for 35 years to wife Diane, who is a career prosecutor, having spent 37 years as a Deputy District Attorney in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties (the vast majority being in San Bernardino County).  Judge Harrison's nuclear family consists of three daughters and six grandchildren, as well as young lady known to the family as "our other daughter," having lived with Judge Harrison, his wife, and youngest daughter, Desiree, and remaining part of the family for over 14 years (the two girls shown below).  Judge Harrison's father is a celebrated Marine Corps veteran of World War II, and at 94, still participates in events honoring America and the military.