Endorsed by San Bernardino County Judges

Judge Harrison is endorsed by his fellow judges on the Bench in San Bernardino County, to include:  the Hon. Presiding Judge John P. Vander Feer, the Hon.  (former Presiding) Judge Raymond "Chip" Haight III and the Honorable Assistant Presiding Judge Michael Sachs.  The following Superior Court Judges in San Bernardino County endorse Judge Harrison: Hon. Larry W. Allen, Hon. Khymberli S. Apaloo, Hon. Lorenzo R. Balderrama, Hon. Teresa S. Bennett, Hon. Colin Bilash, Hon. Carlos Cabrera, Hon. Michael Camber, Hon. Keith D. Davis, Hon. Michael M. Dest (Ret.), Hon. Dan Detienne, Hon. Jon Ferguson, Hon. Janet Frangie, Hon. Tom Garza, Hon. Debra Harris, Hon. Cara D. Hutson, Hon. Winston S. Keh, Hon. Cheryl C. Kersey, Hon. Pamela King, Hon. Michael Libutti, Hon. Cynthia Ludvigsen (Ret.), Hon. Steve Malone, Hon. Steven A. Mapes, Hon. Christopher Marshall, Hon. Alexander Martinez, Hon. Brian S. McCarville, Hon. Dwight W. Moore, Hon. Miriam Morton, Hon. Gil Ochoa, Hon. Annemarie Pace, Hon. Richard V. Peel, Hon. Eliza V. Pirozzi, Hon. Lynn Poncin, Hon. Tony Raphael, Hon. Jay H. Robinson, Hon. Stephan Saleson, Hon. Gregory Tavill, Hon. John Tomberlin, Hon. Denise Trager-Dvorak, Hon. Ingrid A. Uhler, Hon. Charles J. Umeda, Hon. Christopher T. Warner (Ret.), Hon. David A. Williams, Hon. Harold Wilson, and Hon. Glenn Yabuno.  Additionally, the following Commissioners in San Bernardino County also have given him their endorsement:  Hon. Charles Bradley, Hon. Deborah A. Daniel, and Hon. Michael J. Gassner.  (Check back frequently as the list gets updated).

San Bernardino County Attorney Endorsements

Judge Harrison has the endorsements of current San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos, Assistant District Attorney Michael Fermin, as well as former Assistant District Attorneys Betty Haight and James B. Hackleman and District Attorney Candidate Jason Anderson.  Judge Harrison has also received  the endorsement of the San Bernardino Public Attorney's Association Prosecutor's PAC.  Many of the attorneys in that PAC have worked with Judge Harrison for years, some even for decades, and they know his integrity, work ethic, judicial temperament, and legal skills from first hand experience.   Additionally, endorsements of Judge Harrison have been made by attorneys:

Gary P. Ablard, Angelique Bonanno, T. Toby Bowler (Bowler & Bowler), James Brown, Robert Brown (Chief D.A.), Jeffrey S. Bullard, David W. Call, Thomas Colclough (DDA), Elizabeth F. Courtney, Robert J. Falkenthal, Nicola Fitzgerald, David Goldstein,  Diane Harrison (DDA), LaVonna Hayashi, Joyce M. Holcomb, Rocky Johnson, Carlos L. Juarez, Kristina Kendall-Gikkas, Harold Gun Lai, Jr., Michael Luther, Jim Madden, Bobbie Mann (Supervising DDA), James E. McGee II, Grover D. Merritt (DDA), Mary Anne Murphy, Newman & Allen Law Firm, Geoff Newman, James Odlum, Rebecca Perkins, Jasmine Pico, Douglas A. Poston (DDA), Sagi Schwartzberg, Gary Wenkle Smith, H. Charles Smith, John Vega, and Michael Young.  (Check back frequently for additional endorsements as the site is updated, and see Judge Harrison's award for Judicial Officer of the Year for 2016 shown below).


Law Enforcement and the Public

 Judge Harrison received the endorsement of San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, SEBA (the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Employee Benefit Association), the San Bernardino County Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association, and the Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Committee on Political Education (COPE).  He also has been endorsed by the Redlands Police Department POA (see above), the Fontana Police Department POA, San Bernardino Police Department POA Ontario Police Department POA and the Rialto Police Department POA.  (Check back frequently for listings of endorsements from law enforcement officers and agencies).  Additional support for Judge Harrison from the public, such as Rhodes Rigsby (Mayor of Loma Linda), Ovi Popescu (Loma Linda City Council),

Daniel Cherpin (Police Officer), Karen Goldstein (teacher/attorney), Samuel Gonzalez (Chief of Police Covina PD – Retired), Kelvin Ho (business owner), Eric V. Hopley (Former Ontario PD Chief),  Jerry Uhler (Former Secret Service Agent), Dr. Ben Moshrefi, D.C., James Denison, Joey Eberline (musician), Danny Hardy (project manager), John Powell-Jones, Armand Vaquer (travel author), W.H., David Williams (litigation assistant), and Sharee Williams.

Additional names will also be added to the site in future updates.

Judicial Officer of the Year 2016

In December of 2017, Judge Harrison had the distinct honor of being selected as the Judicial Officer of the Year by the East West Family Law Council (comprised of attorneys, judicial officers, and court experts and staff from the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County).  Family Law cases often involve parties who are highly emotional and invested in their desire to prevail in court, which makes for a challenging task for judges/judicial officers to be found to be fair to both/all sides by the attorneys, staff and experts.  The recipients of this coveted award are known for showing outstanding judicial temperament, fairness and lack of bias to both sides in litigation, and a good knowledge of the law.  

Judicial Officer of the Year Award from the East West Family Law Council